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2 Januari 2010

SRS Audio Sandbox

The SRS Audio Sandbox™ (SAS) is the ultimate audio enhancement software for the PC. The user can select audio content (e.g. music, movie, game or voice content) and then choose from many presets (i.e. rock music, classical, jazz, country, etc) to dial in amazing sound tailored for any speaker configuration - headphones, stereo speakers, surround speakers. Based on the content being played, the preferred SRS Labs patented technology will be selected. Users can further personalize the sound through the use of advanced controls which provide deep, rich bass, restore the clarity to vocal and high frequency sounds, provide 3D enhancement for stereo and mono content and more. The SRS Audio Sandbox also allows users to take advantage of surround content regardless of their speaker arrangement and ensures that sound quality will not be diminished due to the physical limitations of speakers.

* Changes in
* Made a single combined installer for 32 and 64 bit.
* Fixed bug where the audio would crash after 6 hours of playback.
* Fixed Definition in Headphone 360.


* PC with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
* 128 MB RAM
* Sound card
* Speaker or headphones

Link :
Download Here
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